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Man Dies in Clark County Traffic Accident

January 18, 2018
When it comes to all of the ways something can go wrong while driving a motor vehicle on Southern Nevada roads, it almost seems overwhelming. The sheer volume of auto related accidents that Las Vegas and the surrounding areas experience on a daily basis is nearly unbelievable and may make some readers never want to jump in a car and travel around town ever again. It's daunting, really, when you stop and think about all of the Las Vegas locals who are hurt in injury car crashes each week and what the healing time in both physically and financially after such an accident. And, when you try to be a cautious driver and stay alert without using your cell phone, following speed limits and traffic rules, and remain sober from drugs or alcohol when you're operating a motor vehicle in Nevada, you still can't be sure that you'll remain accident free. In fact, situations like the one detailed in the next paragraph seem to be happening more and more frequently. Injury and fatality car crashes seem to be reported more and more often where the official cause of the accident is still being determined. Even more frightening, some of these serious motor vehicle altercations resulting in injury or death for those in Clark County are happening with only one car.

Last week, one such incident happened when yet another serious auto accident in Las Vegas took place with irrevocable consequences. Two young men were driving along in North Las Vegas when they experienced an auto accident that was unusual in terms of the way it happened. It was just after 5:30 in the evening on a weekday, and the road they were driving on had light traffic as people living in Southern Nevada wrapped up their workday and decided to embark on the sometimes long drive back to their homes. The two men in the car were driving down Civic Center Drive, really close to the intersection of Cheyenne Avenue when something happens, and they suddenly swerve off the road. Whatever mystery occurrence it was, the circumstances were dire, because the car sped directly into the pole of a streetlight. The driver, who has not been given any type of identifying features in the news story the Las Vegas Sun published about this particular injury accident was only hurt mildly in the traffic accident. The passenger, identified as a 21-year old man by the same article, wasn't so lucky. The North Las Vegas Police Department sent officers to respond to the scene of the motor vehicle accident in Clark County, and when they arrived the scene was grisly. The young man passenger was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.  That's right. A man died in and accident in Las Vegas and officers from the North Las Vegas Police Department are still unsure what caused the auto accident that ended in the traffic fatality. They did note that no other cars were involved in this car wreck, and that drugs and/or alcohol were not a factor that caused this particular Las Vegas car crash.

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